Name: Vivek Kumar
Institute: Navbharat Times
Location: Dankour
Experience – 10 years
Mobile -9756489064

When I was studying in class 11. Since then I had a dream of entering journalism. After which I started journalism 10 years ago. The main objective of joining journalism was to bring the voice of the downtrodden to the administration. I am still trying to do this work very well. About 4 years ago, Kanhaiya, a resident of Rabupura, was tired of not getting treatment even after selling all his property after being hit by electric current. Whose eyesight was also lit. I printed the news of the victim Kanhaiya well for several days. After which many social organizations and other departmental officers helped the victim financially and also got him treated for many years. After which Kanhaiya has got a new life. Who are now raising children with their families. Along with this, he has been helped by printing the news of many other such troubled people in the area. Whose seeing it seems that my dream of joining journalism has come true.

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